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This is definitely one of the most wonderful books in all existence. It is a narrative of Krishna’s life and activities with all the deep, profound philosophy of the Vedas woven ever so charmingly into the stories. The very name Krishna means “all-attractive”. Become enchanted by adventure, love, kingdoms, villages, demons and princesses of the transcendental realm, beyond space and time.

The following excerpt is from the KRSNA book Volume one chapter 34 entitled “The Gopis’ Feelings of Separation”:

When Krsna traveled through the Vrndavana forest or walked on the Govardhana Hill, He was accompanied by the cowherd boys. While walking, He played His flute, just to call His cows. Just by His association, the trees, plants and other vegetation in the forest immediately became Krsna conscious. A Krsna conscious person sacrifices everything for Krsna. Although trees and plants are not very advanced in consciousness, by the association of Krsna and His friends they also became Krsna conscious. They then want to deliver everything – whatever they have – their fruits, flowers, and the honey incessantly falling from their branches.

When Krsna walked on the bank of the Yamuna, He was seen nicely decorated with tilaka on His head. He was garlanded with different kinds of forest flowers, and His body was smeared by the pulp of sandalwood and tulasi leaves. The bumblebees became mad after the treasure and sweet nectar of the atmosphere. Being pleased by the humming sound of the bees, Krsna would play His flute, and together the sounds became so sweet to hear that the aquatics, the cranes, swans and ducks and other birds were charmed. Instead of swimming or flying, they became stunned. They closed their eyes and entered a trance of meditation in worship of Krsna.


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