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Free Download The Hare Krishna Explosion

Free Download The Hare Krishna Explosion

Hayagriva Prabhu’s historical authoritative book, The Hare Krishna Explosion is absolutely delightful to read and at the same time full of history and facts. It gives the reader a thorough account of the early days of the Hare Krishna movement from the years 1966-1969. By reading it one can enter into the sweet mood that Srila Prabhupada built his movement on and established for the devotees to emulate in their lives.

It’s a must read!


From the forward by Satsvarupa:

Hayagriva Dasa was Prabhupada’s first professor-disciple. Prabhupada used to call him “Professor Howard Wheeler” even after Hayagriva received his spiritual name. Prabhupada was also very pleased to utilize Hayagriva’s literary abilities for spreading Krishna consciousness. It seemed that just when Prabhupada needed him, Krishna supplied a devotee like Hayagriva to begin the editing of Prabhupada’s voluminous Bhagavad-gita and SrimadBhagavatam manuscripts. And it was Hayagriva whom Prabhupada made the first co-editor of Back To Godhead magazine in 1966.

At first, I envied Hayagriva’s literary talents, but Hayagriva gave me a good lesson, for which I am always grateful. Although I was involved in writing even before I met Srila Prabhupada, when I became his disciple, I thought that all writing should be given up. I thought that writing was a manifestation of false ego. I remember one day telling this to Hayagriva Prabhu in the storefront. He just laughed in his loud voice and said that as far as he was concerned, he was going to write for Krishna! At first, I walked away with my own opinion-1 would renounce writing-but Hayagriva’s statement began to make good sense. Now I know that if we have some inclination to serve, whether by writing, or by some other useful talent, it should never be renounced but used in the service of Krishna.

To become successful in pure devotional service is a difficult job, as we are all experiencing. Over the years, Hayagriva has experienced his own difficulties, but he has always remained faithful to Prabhupada, and I am very happy to see his book, The Hare Krishna Explosion, coming out from New Vrindaban, where Hayagriva is enthusiastically serving Prabhupada, and assisting his lifelong dear friend, Srila Bhaktipada.

This book contains the same exciting literary talent which I saw in Hayagriva from the beginning, in his first Back To Godhead essays and poems. In this book, Hayagriva has captured the exciting spirit of the wonderful, innocent days of the Krishna consciousness movement as it expanded personally from His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the source of all good things in the Krishna consciousness movement. Hayagriva’s book focuses on the person Srila Prabhupada, and on direct experiences with him, by an honest, adoring disciple. The details of 26 Second Avenue in 1966, particularly of the first initiation, are known only to a few persons. There are no letters, and we· have to rely on a few people’s memory. Hayagriva’s memory is especially sharp, and also he is very literary. Sometimes, when he says something, it seems so perfect, the phrasing so exact, that I cannot for the life of me think of a better way to say it. The personality of Srila Prabhupada is certainly evoked in these pages. The style-present tense, written in the first person, series of literary scenes separated by asterisks, lightning-quick characterizations, sentence fragments, etc. -is very readable and quite in the modern idiom. I think that The Hare Krishna Explosion will be able to convince neutral readers to become attracted to Prabhupada and to see the wonderful genuine human beginnings of this great spiritual movement.

Certainly Srila Prabhupada is great enough to have many books written about him, just as Lord Chaitanya’s followers wrote many about Him. As one critic of biography said, the reason for writing biography is that one cannot bear to see the memory of a great person forgotten. The attitude Hayagriva has taken is truly a Vaishnava one. He is not writing from a commercial point of view, otherwise it would have been done differently. The motive is devotion. Devotees, as well as the growing numbers of persons becoming interested in Krishna consciousness, will derive genuine benefit from this book, and will become more affectionately attached to Prabhupada and ISKCON.

The Hare Krishna Explosion is distinct from the Srila Prabhupada-lilamrta, and has its own unique place in the growing literature about Prabhupada by Prabhupada’s disciples. Srila Prabhupada was always pleased to see Hayagriva at work, editing and writing, and so he will also be pleased to see this book. I hope he will bless Hayagriva Prabhu to write more and more Krishna conscious literatures.

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