KrishnaPath Newsletter October 2012 (Part 2)

KrishnaPath Newsletter

Hare Krishna!

As usual so many wonderful things have been happening in the world of KrishnaPath!

We are so happy to now have a new audio book for you to download for free – Krsna, the Reservoir of Pleasure.
Please click here to be taken to the free downloadable audio books page

We also have two new free downloadable ebooks on the free ebooks page

The Transcendental Teachings of Prahlada Maharaja


Krsna Consciousness the Topmost Yoga System

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The Śrī-guru-vandanā Prayers


Srila Prabhupada is so wonderful! For the last week or so I have had my CD player on “auto repeat – one” playing The following lecture on the Śrī Caitanya-caritāmṛta, Madhya-līlā 20.105 over and over and over again.

Whenever I do anything I am constantly hearing Srila Prabhupada, and we all can do this.

Just think how much time we have in a day that does not require us to be listening to what we are doing. So we can play a recording of Srila Prabhupada constantly. If we are cooking we can listen to Prabhupada Kirtana, lecture, morning walks etc. it is all so very relishable… When we are eating we can listen, when walking somewhere, we can load our phone or ipod up with Srila Prabhupada’s audio and listen, when shopping, driving, At work, doing chores around the home. Any and every time we can fill our ears and heart with the transcendental sound vibrated from the lips of the spiritual master Srila Prabhupada. We can even play Prabhupada kirtana’s very softly when we sleep. I do it and then I feel more refreshed when I wake the next morning after hearing Prabhupada kirtans all night long. It is so nice!

So this lecture is so nice and has so many points Srila Prabhupada goes through the whole Śrī-guru-vandanā prayers from the Prema-bhakti-candrikā of Śrīla Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura.

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Seven poems from Mr. Das

Seven poems from Mr. Das



Mortals Meant for the Eternal

Here’s a place where everything fades like dye then it dies
It’s born, it grows, then it slowly goes
By products are made and they stay for some time
But there’s just no stopping the force of time
Never mind how much we manipulate our mind
The laws have been laid and we must abide
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
So, no matter what, so called stainless steel will turn to rust
These are the laws in this world of lust
We’re stuck in the realm of mortality
But, this is just not the realm of reality
Our home is a land of love, eternally
We’ve only temporarily accepted these dresses that cover our identity
They’re dresses of death and misery
But real life is nothing but ecstasy
Nitai-Gaura, Hari bol!
We’re not the body, but the soul

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Appreciation of a Book Distributer Poem

Appreciation of a Book Distributer Poem


Where ever you go

The place is holy

Because of the books

Your downloading

On all the people

In these Places

To all the people

That karma chases

And you help them

Because you know

Who you are

And so you go

And do Gods work

Weather they love you

Or say your a jerk.

How how rare

Is a heart and force

As yours?

I pray everything

Goes well and smooth

With everything you do.

KrishnaPath newsletter October 2012

KrishnaPath Newsletter

Hi there, Hare Krishna!

Here is a short update on few nice new things happening at KrishnaPath

KrishnaPath now has scans of the original pre-1978 Srimad-Bhagavatam and Sri Caitanya-Caritamrita for you to download for free!

KrishnaPath has also added a new video to the Video page on how Jesus went to India for the missing 12 years of his life from the bible. Check it out!
read all types of quotes from Srila Prabhupada on the importance of “Arsha-prayoga” or strong fidelity to the Acharya, and thus be inspired in your own relationship to Srila Prabhupada.

This weekend marks a momentous most supremely auspicious occasion in the history of the world! Srila Prabhupada’s arrival in the USA!

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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare  ॐ हरे कृष्णा हरे कृष्णा कृष्णा कृष्णा हरे हरे। हरे रामा हरे रामा रामा रामा हरे हरे॥ ॐ