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The following is an exerpt from a lecture by Pankajanghri Prabhu (one of the twin brother head pujaries/priests in Mayapur ISKCON  India) it is taken from a lecture he gave in chowpati Bombay at the Radha-gopinath ISKCON.

“What can you do to advance spiritually, what can you do? You think, we think, we identify with this body, what can you do? You got to cry! If you understand your position you will actually be crying, that I am so puffed up I think I can, you know, by my own ability, that ability is given by Krishna right. So even if your doing bhajan, Krishna says I am the ability in man, the ability to do that is a gift from Krsna and the result is a gift from Krishna ultimately. That was, this is Prabhupada’s mood. We’ve accept that he is our acharya. He’s the founder acharya so that mood is always, that his mood is always prevalent, those principals that Prabhupada set should always be prevalent whatever our gurus say they should be conform with that, the details may change here and there but they should all conform with the mood of Srila Prabhupada because he is our founder acharya so his position is specially prominent and, and, that mood is preaching just go out and preach what else can you do, just go out, and what, what are you going to preach I am just saying, your just saying what you’ve heard from some one else its all borrowed information your saying, nothings your own, what do you know about spiritual life? What do we know? I still think I’m this body I don’t know, I don’t know who I am I’m not self realized in that aspect….what else can you do?

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