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How to start Krishna Consciousness by Sweta Ganguly

Hare Krishna!

Radha Krishna  painting made by Sweta Ganguly Radha Krishna painting made by Sweta Ganguly

I am not a devotee of Krishna as the word ‘devotee’ is a very pure and respectable word and for a person like me the word is not suitable. But I would like to say that I am a ‘big fan’ of Krishna and his ideas. I love to hear about Him and his glories. I love to sing any song related to Him and His glories.

Krishna Consciousness  can be only explained by Krishna’s pure devotees, but because Krishna’s pure devotee Srila Prabhupada mercy I got the opportunity to consider only Him as the Lord. There is no eligibility criteria or you don’t have to be a super natural human being with super natural powers.

A point which I would like to add in my article is that being Krishna Conscious is a blessing from God's pure devotees only. As we all know that we should keep on trying to achieve anything, so we should first try to get His blessings to become Conscious about Him all the time. We should try by being devoted towards Him as per his pure devotees instructions. The moment we get His mercy, we become Krishna Consciousness. But again, Krishna Consciousness is not something you achieve, it is a journey, better to be called a ‘beautiful journey’. And this article is about how to start this ‘beautiful journey’.

Becoming Krishna Conscious is very different and a pleasant experience than becoming rich or passing an exam in School, College or University. When we give an exam we all try to pass that exam but sometimes some students fail. Becoming Krishna Consciousness is different as well as similar to this. When you try to be Krishna Conscious, Krishna Himself helps you to become one. And in the exam of life or the exam of whether you are really Krishna Conscious or not, Krishna Himself helps you. Now let us compare this exam with other exams of this materialistic world. In school exam, the examiner does not help you to pass the exam, you have to do it on own your own, but this is not the case with Krishna Consciousness. Krishna is the examiner here but He is a very merciful examiner and more importantly what we should never forget is that, He is our parent too. Just as, if you remember, our parents used to help us in our school tasks, similarly Krishna being our eternal Father helps us in getting His Consciousness and be in that, once He sees we sincerely want Him. We just need to recognise our relation with Him. Think that if our parents become our examiners too, then having the love for us and holding that position they will never let us fail as they will guide us through every step. So this is the relation we have with our Krishna too. Krishna being our parent and examiner will never let us fail but we need to have faith on Him and this faith comes when we are Krishna Conscious.
Once watching a video of Gaur Gopal Das Prabhuji I really started having more
faith on Krishna. Prabhuji was citing an example from his own life. The example goes like this:-

Prabhuji was travelling by a plane once where he came across a little girl. Due to weather problems the plane was jerking tremendously and all the passengers got scared (which was obvious). Some closed their eyes, some started screaming, some started murmuring and praying to God. But at that time, Prabhuji noticed a little girl. She was having a doll in her hand and was playing with it with no worry
of what is happening around her. She was so relaxed and was not a bit scared. Seeing this Prabhuji got amazed and

asked her, “All the passengers are screaming and are so scared, why are you not being afraid?
Don’t you feel scared?” The girl replied, “No.”
Prabhuji asked, “But how and why?”
The girl replied’ “Because the Pilot who is flying the plane is my father and I know that He will land me safely no matter what!”

So this is the confidence we have on our parents. From this example by Prabhuji we can all understand that when we come to know that Krishna is our father, the gear of our life is under His control and He is the Supreme Controller of every single thing of this Universe, then why should we worry. He will make us cross every hurdle gracefully. And this confidence on Him comes from progressing in Krishna Consciousness and for starting this Consciousness we just need to have faith on Him and the rest He will manage.
Just as He was the charioteer of Arjuna and Ajuna won the battle, similarly He is the driver of our vehicle called life. So we will definitely win as we all know wherever there is Krishna, there is always the presence of Goddess of Fortune.
I would like to add one more point that anybody from any religion or any region or of any age can become Krishna Conscious and he or she can make any type of relation with Krishna. Krishna will reciprocate with him or her in the same way. Like, I consider Krishna as my dearest Friend and a Brother too.
What I came across from my practical experience is that reading articles by Krishna’s pure devotees and watching videos about Krishna can really help anyone to become Krishna Conscious. From a very young age Krishna became my Friend. I wanted to gain knowledge about Him, so Krishna showed me these paths. I am pretty sure that these will help anybody to clear his questions about Krishna and start becoming Krishna Conscious.
I am concluding my article by adding one last point that if someone does not have time to read articles or watch videos, then also there is a hope to them to become Krishna Conscious and that hope is to chant the ‘Hare Krishna’ Mahamantra. This Mantra can be chanted by anyone of any age while doing any work and also at any place and time and this Mantra is so powerful that one will automatically become Krishna Conscious. This is the greatest Mantra of all mantras and the moment one chants he or she becomes pure and Krishna Conscious but since we are humans surrounded by materialistic things so we become impure. To maintain this purity and continue to be in Krishna Consciousness we should keep on chanting this Mahamantra. The Mantra goes like this:-


Thank you for reading this article and I hope it helps the readers to start and maintain their Krishna Consciousness.
Radhey Radhey
Hari Bol!

Shweta Ganguly
Krishnapath Volunteer

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