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Shhh It’s A Secret!

Yesterday I set up a little kirtan spot at the Temple University in Philly and chanted for a couple of hours.

Maybe about a year ago we met Julie here on campus. Now Philip bumped into her again and she came and rocked out with her mridanga drum. She’s one blissful girl I tell ya!

Students came over to pick up magazines, books and ask questions. At one point I ran out of philosophy and when someone asked, “What’s happening, what are you guys doing?” I was like, well, we’re just singing these blissful songs, that’s what’s happening 🙂

The pic above was taken by Maggie who hung out with us for a while. Her name inspired immediate nasal imitations of Bob Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm from me and Julie (I like the lyrics of that song, it talks about being fed up with and leaving the corrupt rat race society situation, as far as I understand). Here’s Maggie and Philip:

And now are you ready for the secret??? I put together a little video.

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